Mattress Care: Mattress Protection - 5 Year Product Warranty

Our 5-year mattress protection warranty, created in collaboration with Guardsman, guarantees that your new mattress is shielded against accidental stains and damage caused by everyday wear and tear. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your mattress is protected from life's unexpected mishaps.

Download a copy of the Warehouse Furniture Clearance Mattress Protection flyer, or read below for full details.

What You’re Covered For

A variety of stains, including but not limited to those caused by food, human and pet bodily fluids, drinks, pen and ink, nail polish, lipstick, blood, acids, bleach, corrosives, cosmetics, glues, waxes, chewing gum, paint, crayons, fake tan, and hair dyes. Additionally, accidental damages such as rips, tears, cuts, and burns are also covered. For further information about what is included and excluded in the coverage, please refer to the terms and conditions listed below.

Financial Peace Of Mind

The cost of replacing a mattress could run into thousands of dollars. But, with a mattress protection warranty, you can file as many claims as you need for genuine accidents over a period of ten years, up to the original purchase price of the mattress.

What Does The Warranty Cover?

Guard your new mattress against accidental stains and damage for 5 years with Guardsman's mattress protection product warranty.

Mattress Protection - Product Warranty

Protect your new mattress from accidental stains and damage for 5 years with Guardsman's mattress protection. Our mattress protectors are compatible with a variety of mattresses, including memory foam, latex, inner spring, and futons, and are designed to fit standard, deep, and pillow-top mattresses. Breathe easier and sleep soundly knowing your mattress is protected and will last longer with our warranty.

What if you can’t clean or repair my mattress?

Our customer service team at Guardsman will explore various options to provide the best solution for your mattress repair needs, which may even include replacing your mattress in some cases!

What do I get?

Access to a toll-free professional telephone advisory service that provides guidance on how to manage accidental stains and damage.

All covered claims include the added bonus of free in-home visits by an authorized technician to eliminate accidental stains and fix any accidental damage, at no extra cost to you

Who Are Guardsman?

Since 1915, Guardsman has been a trusted authority in furniture care and repair. With our Furniture Care Product Warranties, you can confidently enjoy your new mattress as it was intended - for everyday use, relaxation, and entertaining loved ones - without the worry of unexpected mishaps. Explore the complete Care Collection available from Warehouse Furniture Clearance.

How Can I file A Claim with Guardsman?

  • Contact Guardsman within 5 business days of the stain or damage occurring.
  • Make sure to identify the cause of the accidental stain or damage.
  • Have your furniture invoice and Guardsman Warranty ready.
  • Let Guardsman take care of the rest.

Understanding The Terms and Conditions

We highly suggest that you review the complete terms and conditions before making a purchase. You can obtain a copy of the applicable warranty book from your retailer or visit the Guardsman website at


Product protection warranty is provided by:
Guardsman Australia Pty Ltd
1800 249 252

See full terms & conditions below or ask in store for more information.

Guardsman Mattress Protector Including Product Warranty

Download a copy of the Warehouse Furniture Clearance Mattress Protector Warranty Information, or read the full details below.

Congratulations on your new mattress investment. Any investment should be cared for, and by purchasing a Guardsman Mattress Protection, you have peace of mind that your investment is covered by the most comprehensive bedding product warranty in the market.

Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

By using the Guardsman Mattress Protector (“Protector”) at all times you will receive, for the above determined years from the date of purchase of the Protector including the warranty, the following benefits outlined below:

  1. The Protector will help protect the mattress against:
  • ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE including rips, cuts, tears and burns
  1. The ComfortMark Mattress Protector including a Product Warranty must be purchased at the same time and place as a new Mattress. The benefits outlined in this warranty document only apply to the Mattress purchased at that time.
  2. The protector and the mattress must be delivered to you soil and damage free
  3. The Warranty applies to the original purchaser only and is not transferable
  4. The Warranty is valid in Australia and New Zealand and is only valid for private and domestic use (does not apply to commercial purposes such as hotels, rental properties, boarding houses etc)
  5. If the protector is stained or damaged and cannot be cleaned using the guidelines included in the warranty booklet, Guardsman will replace the protector at no cost to you up to a maximum of 2 times during the specified period of warranty.
  6. Upon the maximum number of 2 replacements of the Mattress Protector this Warranty will be deemed to be at an end and Guardsman will have no further obligation under the Product Warranty.


  1. If while using the Protector the Mattress becomes stained or damaged as a result of the failure of the Protector, Guardsman will arrange for the Mattress to be cleaned or repaired by a professional technician at no cost to you.
  2. You must notify Guardsman within 5 days of the stain or damage occurring so that we have the best chance of removing the stain or damage.
  3. You must be able to identify the cause of the stain. If you cannot identify the cause of the stain, then Guardsman’s obligation under this warranty is limited to 1 visit from a professional cleaning technician to clean that stain and the additional benefits in clause 5 do not apply.
  4. Should the technician be unable to clean or repair the stained or damaged mattress then Guardsman will arrange for the mattress to be replaced at no cost to you.
  5. In this case Guardsman’s liability is limited to a maximum amount of the original purchase price for the Mattress acquired at the same time and place as the Protector or Guardsman’s cost price, whichever is the lesser
  6. Once a replacement is made, the ownership of the Mattress is relinquished to Guardsman.
  7. The replacement mattress is not eligible for further coverage under this or any other Product Warranty, and Guardsman’s obligation under this Warranty will be deemed to have been completed and the Warranty will come to an end.
  8. This Warranty will cease immediately if the Protector has not been used to protect the mattress.
  9. This is not a general cleaning contract and does not cover soiling from everyday use or stains that accumulated over time. If you wish to clean the Mattress, please contact Guardsman Customer Service for the details of a recommended cleaning technician.


Warranty Exclusions

The Guardsman Product Warranty Does Not Cover:

  1. Stains or damage caused prior to or during delivery
  2. Stains or damage as a result of mishandling, abuse, neglect or deliberate act, normal wear and tear, sunlight, fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, malicious act, flood water damage, aircraft, impact, theft or any attempt there at.
  3. Dye transfer from non-colour fast fabrics
  4. Third party property damage and/or third-party bodily injury
  5. This Guardsman Product Warranty does not cover any defects which are subject to manufacturer’s recall or which are covered under a manufacturer’s program of reimbursement.
  6. As a result of animal damage other than that listed in the Product Warranty Terms and Conditions, point 1

Warranty Service Procedure

You have 3 options to obtain service under the Guardsman Product Warranty.

Call Guardsman Customer Service on the following toll free phone numbers:
Australia Toll free: 1800 249 252
Or Online:

The Guardsman Customer Service agent will need certain information to assist with your enquiry or process your claim so please have the following at hand when you make the call:

  • purchase details and a description of the mattress
  • proof of purchase of the Guardsman ComfortMark Mattress Product Warranty
  • specific details of the stain or damage and how it occurred
  • you will also need to provide your name, address, and day/evening telephone number.

Disclaimer Of Liability

Under no circumstances shall coverage under the warranty extend to any loss or damage to a person or property, direct, consequential or incidental, arising from use of or inability to use the Product.  This Guardsman Product Warranty does not cover any defects which are subject to manufacturers recall or which are covered under a manufacturers program or reimbursement. This is not a guarantee or promise relating to the nature of the material, workmanship or performance of any good to which a product covered by the Guardsman Product Warranty has been applied. This Guardsman Warranty does not exclude or restrict any condition or warranty imposed or implied by any consumer legislation operating in Australia or New Zealand.

Guardsman stands behind their products with guarantees that are protected by the Australian Consumer Law. If the goods fail to be of acceptable quality, you can have them repaired or replaced. For major failures, you are entitled to a refund or replacement, and you can also receive compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

Privacy Policy

If you register your warranty or otherwise contact Guardsman Australia Pty Ltd or an affiliate (Guardsman) about this product, your personal information will be collected, handled and used by Guardsman in accordance with its Privacy Policy, which can be found at

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, you can contact Guardsman either by:

  1. Post to 13 Columbia Way, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153;
  2. Email to; or
  3. Post to 13 Columbia Way, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153;
  4. Email to; or
  5. Telephone on 1800 249 252

General Cleaning Instructions for Guardsman Mattress Protectors

The beauty, as well as the durability of most fabrics, is dependent on its cleanliness. Periodic cleaning will be the best defense against overall soiling.

  • Machine wash up to 60C
  • May be tumble dried up to 40C
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use solvents

Your Guardsman Mattress Protector including product warranty protects against permanent spots and stains. It does not cover general soiling. Regular cleaning of the Mattress Protector will remove general soiling and help extend the life of the Mattress.

The Secret To Stain Removal

Any spill, stains or spot is like cement in the way it works – the longer you leave it the harder it gets!

  • Act immediately on the accidental spill for easy removal.
  • Within one hour the stain has had a chance to sink and settle into the fabric.
  • By the following day the stain is set in and will take a great deal of effort, not to mention cleaning chemicals, to remove.

The key to stain removal is to act immediately!