The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Furniture

06 September 2023

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Furniture

Choosing the right bedroom furniture can transform the look and feel of your sleeping space. With so many options available, from traditional wooden pieces to sleek, modern designs, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Follow this guide on how to select bedroom furniture that perfectly suits your style, space and budget.

Assess Your Needs

First, take stock of what furniture you currently have and what you need for your bedroom. Make a list of the essential pieces, like a bed, nightstands, dresser and perhaps a chair or vanity. Then consider optional items like a chest, armoire or sofa that could enhance the room. Determine how much storage space you need and if pieces with drawers or shelves would be useful. Finally, factor in any special needs like space for a TV, extra seating for guests or room for exercise.

Measure Your Space  

Before shopping, measure your bedroom to ensure any new pieces will fit. Be sure to take down the dimensions of the whole room as well as doors, halls and stairways if you need to manoeuvre furniture into the space. Also measure ceiling height to ensure tall pieces will accommodate the room. Consider making a layout of your room with cut-outs representing new items to scale so you can visualise the arrangement.

Choose a Style

Narrow down your furniture search by deciding on a style. Classic wood pieces in dark stains exude traditional refinement, while light-coloured woods like oak or maple have casual, inviting warmth. Mirrored and tufted furnishings give a glamorous vibe, and upholstered beds and chairs provide plush comfort. For contemporary appeal, opt for sleek leather, metal or Lucite furniture. Match your existing bedroom aesthetics or go bold with a new look.

Select Quality Construction

Inspect furnishings to ensure stable, sturdy construction. Wood joints should be firmly secured, drawers should glide smoothly and edges should be finished properly. Upholstered pieces should have strong, tightly-woven fabric with no tears or gaps at the seams. Sit and recline on beds to check for squeaks, creaks or sagging that signal poor quality. Also look for waterproof and scratch-resistant finishes to maintain durability.

Choose Comfortable Fabrics

Fabric is a key part of upholstered bedroom pieces, so make sure it is comfortable against your skin. Leather and vinyl surfaces offer an elegant, easy-to-clean option. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen and wool provide breathable softness. Microfiber polyester has a velvety feel without pilling. And performance fabrics like nylon and olefin resist stains, making them great for families. Test out samples in the store to find your perfect match.  

Factor in Multiple Functions

Opt for furniture that can serve more than one purpose in your space. Ottomans at the foot of the bed provide extra seating and storage. Benches and trunks offer surfaces for sitting as well as compartment space inside. Armoires and dressers double as wardrobe storage and display areas for TVs and decor. Desks or small tables can pull double duty as bedside nightstands in a pinch. Multi-functional pieces maximise usefulness in the bedroom.

Choose the Right Size

Make sure furnishings will suit the proportions of your room. A king size bed makes a naturally dramatic focal point for a spacious area, while smaller bedrooms warrant a cosy queen or full size mattress. Petite nightstands and narrow dressers conserve room in tight spaces. And don't overwhelm a modest room with oversized pieces. Find the right balance of furnishings fitting to scale. 

Work Within Your Budget

From budget-friendly department store finds to luxury designer investments, bedroom furniture is available at a wide range of price points. Set a spending cap for the room makeover and work within your parameters. Shop sales, bargain outlets and warehouse furniture clearance events to score deals. For more expensive statement-making pieces, save up over time to earn them. With reasonable budgets, you can refresh your bedroom beautifully.

Try Before You Buy

If possible, test out bedroom furniture in person prior to purchasing. This goes beyond a cursory showroom visit. Try sitting in chairs and lounging on beds for an extended time to evaluate comfort. Open and close drawers and doors to check functionality. And inspect pieces closely for any flaws or damage. Many retailers also offer in-home trials so you can live with furniture first to be sure. 

Mind the Details

Focus on fine details that elevate the look of bedroom furniture. Look for decorative wood finishing like distressing or burnished edges. Tufted upholstery and nail head trim add ornate appeal to any piece. Crystal knobs, pulls or feet lend an air of elegance. Contrasting fabrics and dual tone finishes define unique style. And including your own collected flea market finds personalises the space further.

Invest in Quality Mattresses and Bedding

The bed is central to a bedroom, so a high-quality mattress should top your list. Do plenty of research and try out various brands before committing. Bedding is also key for comfort and style. Splurge on thread count sheets and plush pillows in your ideal fabrics. Consider a plush mattress pad or featherbed for extra cosiness. And don't forget coordinated quilts, coverlets or duvet inserts to tie it all together.

Mix and Match for Balance

When furnishing your bedroom, don't feel compelled to buy matching bedroom sets. Eclectic styling with a mix of antique, vintage and modern pieces creates character and depth. Just be sure the selection works cohesively through colour schemes, finishings and proportions. Curate your items until you achieve a balanced blend of textures, eras and designs. 

Personalise to Perfection

Add finishing touches that infuse personality into your bedroom furniture arrangement. Incorporate meaningful art, photos, sculpture or collected objects. Fresh flowers and plants enliven the space. Display favourite books, magazines or travel mementos. Arrange items carefully on tabletops, shelves and drawer tops for a decorative impact. When your furnishings reflect who you are, you’ll feel nurtured in your personal sanctuary.

With careful planning and consideration, you can confidently furnish your bedroom in a way that promotes rest, inspiration and functionality. Follow these tips to design a personal space perfect for recharging your mind, body and spirit.