The Perfect Outdoor setup: Outdoor Furniture Essentials from WFC

10 October 2023

The Perfect Outdoor setup: Outdoor Furniture Essentials from WFC

Imagine yourself sinking into a comfy lounge chair on your deck, breathing in some fresh air. The laughter of your friends can be heard as you take in the beauty of your backyard oasis. A perfectly styled outdoor area is a top place to relax and entertain. But to create your ideal outdoor space, you need quality durable furnishings. This is where WFC's range of outdoor furniture essentials comes in.

WFC offers a wide selection of tables, chairs, umbrellas and more specially designed to withstand the elements. In this blog, we'll look at how their products can help you design a stunner outdoor area to enjoy all year round. From materials built to last to accessories that add personality, read on for savvy tips to elevate your outdoor space.

Setting the Scene: The Magic of Relaxing in your Outdoor Space

Who doesn't love being outdoors surrounded by the serenity of nature? There's something special about enjoying the fresh air and taking in garden views from the comfort of your own outdoor sanctuary. Those backyard BBQs and evening drinks on the patio create lasting memories with your nearest and dearest.

I've always had a passion for pottering in the garden. Growing up, my family's backyard was my playground where I would dig, plant and invent games for hours. Now, my goal is to create an outdoor retreat at home where I can unwind and soak in the peaceful vibes. 

Having quality, long-lasting outdoor furniture is key to being able to relax and entertain comfortably in your yard. WFC's collections make it easy to create your dream outdoor space, no matter the size or style. Read on to discover how their products can take your area from average to awesome. 

The Essentials: WFC’s Outdoor Furniture Collection

WFC offers a wide selection of outdoor furnishings to suit any space. For many years, we have been selling functional, on-trend pieces to stand up to the elements. WFC only sells furniture with premium materials like powder-coated aluminium, durable timbers and all-weather wicker. So our products are built to last summer after summer.

Our extensive range has something for everyone. From contemporary modular lounges to classic wicker chairs, you'll find outdoor furniture for dining, relaxing and more. Whether you have a compact courtyard or sprawling entertainer's yard, WFC has versatile options to create your ideal setup. 

Let's check out some must-have items from our collection to take your outdoor area to the next level.

The Perfect Outdoor Setup: Must-Have Furniture Items

Every outdoor space needs quality foundations. Here are some of WFC's most popular furniture pieces:

Outdoor Dining Sets - Elevate dining at home with a sturdy timber or aluminium outdoor table. Pair with comfy dining chairs or a bench for seating. 

Sun Lounges - Imagine reclining with your favourite book on a padded lounger. Adjustable positions and wheeled bases make these a breezy addition.

Daybeds - Double daybeds work for seating by day and sleep space at night. With cushy mattresses and pillows, they're too comfy to resist. 

Outdoor Sofas - Sectional sofas offer ample seating for larger gatherings. Look for lightweight aluminium frames and all-weather cushions.  

Outdoor Coffee Tables - A coffee table pulls a lounge area together and gives you space for drinks and snacks as you catch up with mates. 

With high-performing furnishings like these from WFC, you can craft a welcoming outdoor living space suited to your needs.

Quality and Durability: WFC’s Commitment to Outdoor Furniture 

At WFC, quality products are our top priority. Our furniture is specially engineered to handle wear and tear from weather and regular use. Powder coated aluminium resists rusting and corrosion while durable timbers like spotted gum stand up to the elements. 

WFC also uses weather-resistant materials like woven polyrattan. This synthetic rattan retains its shape and won't crack or peel like real rattan. With reinforced frames and sturdy construction, our furnishings are built Aussie tough. 

With premium materials and workmanship, WFC's products are made to last season after season with minimal maintenance required. You can trust our furniture will look pristine for years rather than deteriorating after a few months.

WFC also provides a 5 year residential warranty so you can purchase with confidence. Investing in enduring pieces saves money in the long run compared to replacing flimsy furniture that fails every couple of summers.

Elevating the Experience: Accessories and Additions  

The right accessories can really make your space shine. WFC offers a wide range of complementing extras to take your outdoor area next level.

Outdoor Cushions - Plush cushions in weather-resistant fabrics add comfort and visual appeal. Make a style statement with bold colours and prints. 

Outdoor Rugs - Ground your furniture with a handwoven rug in natural fibres or polypropylene. Toss one out for comfy feet on chilly nights.

Outdoor Curtains - Add extra shade and privacy with curtains in water-resistant materials. Hang them from sturdy aluminium rods or tracks.

Outdoor Wall Art - Include artwork outdoors with pieces specially designed to handle the elements. Bright botanical prints or abstract designs liven up any blank wall.

With endless options, you can give your space loads of personality and flair. Keep reading for pro tips on choosing the best furnishings. 

Expert Tips: Making the Most of Your Outdoor Furniture

Follow these tips when designing your outdoor area with WFC furniture:

Assess Your Space - Take measurements to select the right size furniture for patios or balconies. Extend your area with foldable and stackable pieces.

Consider Functionality - How will you use the space most? Opt for modular and adjustable furnishings for maximum flexibility. 

Choose Durable Materials - Look for aluminium, timber and synthetic weave that can handle the aussie climate of sun, wind and rain. 

Invest in Quality - Well-constructed furniture lasts ages compared to flimsy versions. Check reviews and go for trusted brands.

Pick Comfy Seating - Contoured chairs and padded cushions provide hours of relaxation. Test pieces in store to ensure comfort. 

Include Weather Protection - Use umbrellas, sun shades or roof covers to protect furnishings from harsh UV rays and moisture.

Accessorise Wisely - Make it snazzy with weatherproof additions like throw pillows, curtains and patterned rugs.

With the right mix of quality materials and cosy comfort, you can craft an outdoor oasis for entertaining and unwinding. Let's chat about WFC's eco-friendly credentials.

Explore WFC’s Outdoor Furniture Collection Now!

Create your dream outdoor escape with WFC's quality range of patio and garden furniture. Weather-defying and durable, our products are designed for maximum outdoor enjoyment. 

With high-performing materials made to last, you can look forward to years of entertaining and relaxing alfresco. Don't waste another arvo in a lacklustre outdoor area. 

Browse our products today to discover the perfect furnishings and accessories to take your space to new stylish heights. Get ready to live the Aussie backyard lifestyle in comfort and style!