Selecting the finest living room furniture

21 November 2023

The living room forms the central hub and heart of your home where you relax, entertain and connect with loved ones. With open floor plans becoming increasingly popular, this space often encompasses multiple functions from media rooms to sophisticated reception areas. 

Furnishing it appropriately to align with your lifestyle is key, but can be overwhelming with the multitude of options. This comprehensive guide distils expert insights on choosing the perfect living room furniture tailored to your needs and style. 

Read on for hand-picked tips spanning all decision points - from assessing space requirements to evaluating furniture types, quality, scale, layout and more. You'll discover how to invest in pieces that withstand everyday use and reflect your personal aesthetic, creating a cohesive oasis for comfort and self-expression.

Understanding Your Living Room Needs

Begin your furniture quest by analysing how your household uses the living room currently and how you want to enjoy the space in the future. 

Consider the size of your family and frequency of guests to determine seating needs. Think about your entertainment habits like television viewing and having people over to help select pieces like media consoles. 

If you work from home examine how you can delineate work and living zones seamlessly through smart furniture choices and layouts. Determining your functional needs upfront ensures the furnishings flexibly adapt as your lifestyle evolves.


Exploring Living Room Furniture Types 

With an overview of your living room goals, now familiarise yourself with commonly used furniture types and their purpose:

Sofas and Sectionals - Available in an extensive range of sizes, configurations and upholstery, sofas provide primary seating real estate for relaxation and entertainment.

Lounge Chairs - Supportive lounge chairs deliver superior comfort for reading nooks or additional intimate seating arrangements. 

Coffee Tables - Coffee tables conveniently hold food and drinks in close reach while anchoring furniture layouts.

Accent Chairs - Complementary accent chairs invite guests to sit and mingle, adding flair through unique designs. 

End Tables - End tables placed near seating surfaces provide space for table lamps, remotes, books and other handy items.

Ottomans - Stylish ottomans pull double duty as extra seating, footrests and impromptu side tables with built-in tray tops. 

Entertainment Units - Media consoles organise audio/visual components and store movies, games and accessories.

Quality Matters: How to Evaluate Furniture

The quality directly impacts the longevity, comfort and functionality of your furniture. Follow these tips when inspecting pieces:

  • Check frames and bases for sturdy corner blocking and joints without gaps, cracks or signs of separation. 
  • Evaluate the joinery where arms, legs and rails meet the main frames. High-quality furniture utilises mortise and tenon joinery for superior stability rather than just glued dowels.
  • Assess cushion fill density and quality by pressing down on cushions. Softer, lumpy cushions lose shape faster than high resilience foam. 
  • Inspect fabric seams - they should be tightly stitched without loose threads. Upholstery shouldn't pucker or wrinkle.
  • Test moving parts like gliders and recliners to ensure smooth, friction-free operation.
  • Opt for hardwood frames like kiln-dried oak and mahogany over lower cost plywood or composite woods that warp over time.

Style and Aesthetics

While assessing construction, also evaluate if the style aligns with your overall décor - from traditional to contemporary and everything between. Mixing clashing styles haphazardly results in a disjointed look. 

Some guiding principles for a cohesive aesthetic:

  • Unify through colour schemes and complementary textures.
  • Anchor with substantial classic pieces, then layer in personality with accent décor.
  • Balance sleek lines with warm, natural materials and finishes.
  • Repeat design details throughout furniture, lighting and accessories.
  • Select versatile multifunctional furniture like nesting tables and bench ottomans.

Size and Scale 

Before purchasing, meticulously measure your space and furniture to prevent overcrowding issues. Leave at least 45-50cm between pieces to allow fluid circulation. 

Ensure coffee and side tables fit beside sofas without blocking pathways when in use. Similarly, measure sofa lengths in relation to wall lengths to determine what configurations can fit without protruding awkwardly into the room. 

Consider ceiling height as well - slender leg styles open up airy, vertical space in high-ceilinged rooms versus bulky bases that reduce scale. Thoughtfully weighing size and proportions creates harmonious living rooms.

Material Selection

The right material selection enhances your living space's functionality and longevity. Consider:

Wood - A natural material offering artisan charm through unique grain patterns. Opt for solid oak, maple or mahogany over veneers.

Leather - Extremely durable and stain-resistant yet softens beautifully over time. Classics like top-grain aniline leather age gracefully. 

Fabric - Available in a vast range of prints, textures and blends. Performance fabrics like polyester wear well in high-traffic areas.

Metal - Sleek, streamlined and modern. Powder coated aluminium withstands daily use without dents or scratches. 

No matter the material, prioritise quality construction and craftsmanship to maximise lifespans.

Budget Planning 

With better clarity on your needs, style preferences and ideal materials, set a realistic budget. High quality sofas and sectionals often run between $1000 - $3000 based on size, materials and construction technique. 

Budget $500 to $2000 for lounge chairs. Sturdy wood or metal coffee tables generally cost $200 to $700+ based on intricacy and materials. 

Factor in costs of accessories like rugs, lighting and wall art to pull the full space together seamlessly. Set price alerts and watch for seasonal sales to score savings on big-ticket items.

Furniture Shopping Tips

Follow these suggestions for successful furniture hunting:

  • Visit designer showrooms to experience furniture scales and quality firsthand. Take measurements and photos.
  • Once pieces are narrowed down, verify cushions, upholstery and frames are in flawless condition before finalising orders.
  • Research brands online to compare reviews, quality feedback and pricing.
  • Look for flexible return policies in case furnishings don't suit spaces upon delivery.
  • Ask about warranties, maintenance tips and fabric protection plans.

Accessories and Complementary Pieces 

Liven up your living room with well-selected accents that enhance the furniture:

Rugs - Layer rustic jute, patterned wool or colourful sisal rugs underfoot for additional comfort.

Pillows - Throw pillows in coordinating or contrasting shades amplify your style.

Wall Art - Showcase special memories and artistic pieces you love to add warmth.

Greenery - Potted plants breathe life into rooms through organic texture and freshness.

Lighting - Illuminate spaces effectively through ambient and task lighting.

Maintaining Your Living Room Furniture

Keep pieces looking pristine with: 

  • Coastal cleaners and protectants to prevent dirt build-up and stains on upholstery.
  • Dusting and gentle vacuuming to lift dirt from textiles and crevices. 
  • Polishing wood surfaces to protect finishes.
  • Lifting furniture when moving to avoid scuffs and tears.
  • Loosening screws and oiling joints over time.
  • Rotating cushions to evenly distribute wear.

With proper care, your thoughtfully curated furniture will become treasured living room staples for years of enjoyment.

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