Outdoor Furniture Styling

01 September 2022

Do you love hosting outdoor parties? I know you do! All it takes is a bit more cleaning and a little styling on the sides, and you may now find yourself entertaining friends at home more often than usual! We know that designing an outdoor space can get pretty overwhelming, especially starting from scratch. But no worries because we got you! Here are a few tips to guide you on how to do basic outdoor furniture styling.

The first tip is to consider the size of your outdoor space. This prevents you from buying pieces of furniture that look out of proportion. You don’t want to place bulky chairs and tables and then compromise how you want your space to really function.

Second, you should consider the activities you want to do outside. Will it be a wine-and-chill type of thing? A sunny hang-out with kids? This helps you evaluate pieces of furniture you’re going to place outdoors.

An outdoor sun lounge is excellent when you’re a fan of summer activities. People often get this when they have a family-friendly pool or a garden outside. These outdoor sun lounges allow people to relax and soak in the sun!

outdoor chair

Those who spend more time outside at night have cosy outdoor lounges as the perfect furniture. Whether watching a movie or sitting by the bonfire, this furniture offers warm and intimate comfort that will make you want to lay down all night! An outdoor recliner can also be a special addition to your daily night-time routine.

outdoor furniture

Outdoor eating is also a great way to best enjoy your time outside. You should get an outdoor dining set to host those dinners with friends and families.

outdoor table

The third tip is to select weatherproof furniture pieces. Depending on your furnishing needs, you should choose the ones that can last all year round. Metal furniture exemplifies the required strength and resistance against harsh outdoor conditions. Your best option is stainless steel because it does not rust and corrode quickly. This is also the perfect material when eyeing an industrial-type of outdoor design.

outdoor set

Some prefer to opt and buy rattan furniture. Rattan is a furniture material adored by many due to its natural vibe. Since it is made of wood, its drawback is that it tends to break when exposed to cold and moisture. If you are looking for more weather-resistant furniture that still captures the classic look of rattan, you may go for synthetic ones that is more durable. 

outdoor space

Of course, designing a space with just furniture can look a bit bare. The final tip is to spice things up by adding accents like pillows or flower vases. You can also accessorize stylish storage boxes and put decors on top of them. Try also investing in additional backyard lighting to make your outdoor space appear livelier and cosier.

Extend the comfort of your indoor living space to the outdoors! This is your chance to reconnect with nature and spend time outside relaxing your aura. Whether hanging out solo or with friends, you know it is always more fun to do activities when outside. Transform how you spend your leisure time outdoor.