How To Choose The Right Lounge For Your Space

07 February 2022

Picking the perfect lounge for a space is often understated. Buying a lounge is one of the most important investments in your home. In a living room a lounge is always the centerpiece of the room. Do you choose a couch, lounge suite or a theatre lounge? To make it easier we have prepared this guide to help you with the selection process. Who are the main people using the lounge?

The first thing you want to know is who will be the main people sitting on the lounge, family, guests? How many people will sit on it? If you host a lot of parties and events you may want a lounge to be sturdy and to withstand as much pressure and weight as possible. Of course, if you’re the only person to sit on it, then you can go with something lighter. If you have pets leather lounge suites are good option as they are easier to keep clean. Functionality is the key.

What size do I need?

What size you require depends on the overall space of the room. You don’t want a lounge that takes up the entire space of the room where it could make the room look small. A corner lounge is great option to create more space within a room. Lounges can fit a variety of locations, and you can even find a recliner lounge or chaise lounge if space is an issue. Measure the overall space you can work with, and then adapt accordingly.

Measure accordingly

Measuring your door and making sure that the lounge can be transported and placed accordingly should be the first thing you do. A corner lounge or a family lounge, can sometimes come in one piece which makes things tricky. Modular lounges, which can be dismantled and adapted to your own requirements are good options.

What is the purpose of the lounge?

Normally one will use the lounge for reading, watching TV and even sleeping. If you want to select a lounge specifically for sleeping or resting, you would select on comfortability and one that would suit your sleeping style.


How many will be sitting on it?

As we mentioned above, in some cases you may entertain a lot of guests and may require a larger lounge with more seats. At the same time, if you’re not inviting a lot of people over, you can go with a smaller one or two seater lounges.

Does it need to match existing furniture and chairs?

If home design and décor are important to you, then it makes a lot of sense to take your time and study color variations and the overall aesthetic of the room. Matching the colour scheme of your lounge should match the overall colour scheme of the room and other furniture. It will just make everything more cohesive and interesting, which is exactly what you want to keep in mind.

When to consider a sofa bed

When you have guests staying over and sleeping on the lounge, you do want to be sure that the lounge can fit them adequately and is comfortable. Modular lounges, are a good option and can be versatile for sleeping. A simple solution could also be a sofa bed.


You should buy a lounge with the notion that it will be used every single day. Therefore, quality and durability should always be considered. However, not every lounge will be used on daily basis, such as Formal lounges. In these instances, look and feel and design may take preference.

As you can see, buying the right lounge requires a lot of consideration and planning. At WFC we have an ever extensive range of various lounges coming in every month. Be sure to consider us when you are searching for your perfect lounge.