Bedroom Furniture Styling

10 June 2022

Considering that we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, we need to make sure that our bedrooms is welcoming, and set up to ensure a good night’s sleep. Bedrooms are the most personal room in your home, so make sure that you choose bedroom furniture that matches your style, and meets yours needs when styling a bedroom. The same goes for children and guest bedrooms; each room will have different requirements, so make sure you get the pieces that will make each room cosy and comfortable.

The largest piece of furniture to take in consideration when styling a bedroom is naturally the bed. We need to take into account the various sizes and styles. Whilst the size will be dictated by the space you have available, individual styles will vary. 


Bed frames start as single, king single, and progress to doubles, queens, and kings. Please ensure you take some measurements of the room and marry it with the bed and bedframe measurements when selecting. You want to have at least 60 centimetres of clearance space on either side of the bed once it’s placed in a room. Any less and you risk making a room feel cramped, or not being able to fit any other furniture pieces in the room. 

Twin bed frames are always a good selection for children’s rooms, while primary and guest bedrooms usually have a queen or king-sized bedframe. Once you’ve determined the size of the bed frame that can be placed in the room, consider the various styles of frames e.g. with or without storage. Storage bed frames often have drawers at the bottom of the frame, under the mattress, or built into the headboard. Bed frames with storage are great for small rooms where each piece of furniture needs to pull double-duty, and use otherwise wasted space. 

If you opt for a headboard, consider the various colours, patterns and textures. A headboard is a great place to add some fun or glamour when paired with otherwise traditional pieces.

Storage is a necessity in a bedroom of any size. Considering your storage needs: are you storing clothing? Bedding? Books or keepsakes?

Bedside tables are a great opportunity to add storage with either shelves or drawers. Make sure that they are wide enough to fit a table lamp and a few other items such as books, charging station and mobile. 

Blanket boxes or ottomans are a great way to introduce seating that can also double as storage. Use either to sit down and pull your shoes on in the morning while knowing that you have non-seasonal clothing tucked away out of sight. 

For clothing that you need easily access, consider a tallboy. An efficient use of space, a tallboy can store everything that you need while also adding an element of style. Available in a variety of finishes, tallboys can be matched to other pieces within your room such as side tables or bed frame.

Bedroom furniture styling is a personal choice, but it doesn’t need to be a difficult one. With many different finishes, fabric choices, and colour options, there are pieces available in that will fit your style.