Are you looking to bring colour into your home?

28 March 2022

Are you looking to bring colour into your home, but don’t want to be overwhelmed with it? Try adding a brightly coloured piece of furniture instead! Make a statement (and add functionality) with a brilliantly bright piece of furniture.

Brightly coloured pieces of furniture are a great addition to any home decor, regardless of style. Neutral palettes are emboldened when an inky jade green is added to the mix. Coastal homes are easily accented with deep navy tones. A certain feminine flair is added when soft blush or bold magenta accent pieces are added.

For homeowners nervous about adding a bright piece of furniture to their home, rest easy, we aren’t suggesting that you have a matching set of chartreuse sofas, or that every room needs to be dominated by furniture brighter and bolder than the rest. Bright furniture is meant to accent its surroundings, while also being allowed to make a statement. Bright furniture is part of a balancing act.


Accent chairs are an excellent way to add a bright pop of colour in your lounge. The Charlotte chair in a rich maroon velvet would instantly add a sophisticated vibe in a moody office, while the Cooper swivel chair in airy sky blue would be an excellent addition to a beach house. Furniture is no longer confined to the world of tan and beige; there is a colourful accent piece suitable for any home.

Smaller pieces of furniture like ottomans are an excellent way to ease into having pops of colour in your home. In addition to coming in four rich, velvety colours, the Westford small ottoman can serve as a side table, stool, or additional seating, and is small enough to not overwhelm an area with colour. For those looking to add an additional punch of colour, pair the Westford with a coordinating Pearl accent chair. Ottomans are easily used as coffee tables, allowing for a bright injection of colour into the room.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, add an appropriate accent colour. Choose a colour that is either beside each other, or across from one another on the colour wheel. This guarantees balance and coordination. Adjacent colours will create a harmony between the two colours, while colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel will create a complementary contrast.

Bold pops of colour help to add personality and vibrancy to lounges, bedrooms, and more. Embrace how different colours make you feel and add those to your home! Bring home a piece of colour pop furniture and see how it elevates your home.