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Delivery Calculator

All deliveries organised at our events are outsourced to Brisk Transport, we utilise our scale to negotiate the best possible rates for transport, however payment is made directly to Brisk Transport on or prior to delivery. We do not collect payment for deliver at point of purchase.

You are welcome to source your own transport, we offer Brisk Transports services as a convenient and cost effective transport solution. You are not required to use them however, please feel free to contact other transport companies if you do not wish to use Brisk. 

Step 1. Enter your postcode

Step 2. Select what you want delivered.

Step 3. If you want more than 2 suites delivered enter how many additional suites you are purchasing. For example if you are purchasing 4 suites enter 1.

IMPORTANT: We only deliver to South East QLD, if your postcode comes up as invalid and you are located within our delivery region, don’t stress, you will just need a direct quote from our transport company Brisk Transport on 07 3265 6000 or text 0424 988 032 for a quote

We are not an online store, the quote provided is for your reference to make an informed decision prior to coming to one of our events held on specific weekends of the year only. 

Further booking enquiries can be made through email at: